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Don't give up on yourself...YOU can be successful again !



It doesn't take much more than a monkey to do the functions of pushing papers around and cavorting in front of a captive audience. It is safe to say that having those skill sets don't make you, the agent, any money. Administrative support is nice, but it is also available anywhere. You need a little more to turn your personal ship around.

You can always find an office that uses this style of management(?). Let me know when you get tired of the old see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil style. When those hands are not in place they are firmly planted across their rear end.

Before you read any further......I don't walk on water.

If you needed would call your mother. If you wanted a problem could call Dr. Phil. I know that successful agents don't want or need the same support and focus on yesterdays marketing. I will sit down with any agent and learn about the current flow and strategies of their business, and then I will share with them other ways that might be more productive and systemized. I will gladly craft a business plan for an agent based on their strengths and transfer skill sets to them in their greatest areas of weakness.

Think about it.

All any experienced agent needs is a coach!

If you can keep on target, if you can stay on course, if you can just do the things that you know will keep you will reach any goal that you set. You know it and I know it. If you were to peel back all the layers that obscure the reason why successful agents suddenly fail, you would discover that all the excuses fall into one category. Agents get busy and habits begin to change and then things come up and then one day you are so far from your original business plan, it seems impossible to get back.

Markets change and what was once a beautiful tree gets lost in the forest. Agents go outside and seek help. Agents go outside and seek coaching and accountability. Agents attempt to re-invent the wheel.

        This is not the way to success. This will fail.

I will not promise you outlandish splits. Long and Foster prefers to remain stable and be here in good times and bad. I will not dazzle you with a promise to put out any fire that shows up. I will not bore you with promises that obscure the truth. I will hold you accountable to a plan that supports your strengths. I will help you succeed in spite of yourself. You know what to do.

Let me make sure that you do it.

John MacArthur

Branch Manager

Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.

Olney/ Brookville MD



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Don't give up on yourself… YOU can be successful again
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