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Thank you, Two-Timing Buyer!

Interesting story about buyer agency from Maggy Dokic.

Dear Two-Timing Tina,

sad face when TTT broke my RE heartThanks for being unfaithful to me.  I'm not angry.  Instead, I'm thrilled.  Why would I be thrilled to find out that you were seeing another REALTOR® behind my back? Because it was the epiphany I needed.

You see, I've known for a very long time that I should be working only with buyers who sign an exclusive buyer brokerage agreement.  But I had grown complacent and kept putting it off.  Getting buyers to sign these requires that I make adjustments to my routine.  It requires some effort.  I have to show my prospective buyers the benefits they will gain by working with only me.  In order to accomplish this, they need to come into my office for a complimentary buyer consultation.

I've been so busy that instead of scheduling the free consultation when a new buyer called me, I would just get the property details and schedule a showing.  Deep down I knew this was not the way it should be.  But I kept telling myself I was too busy to do it otherwise.

Then you came along.  Asking to see an $80,000 foreclosed home.  The fact that this is well below what I usually work did not matter.  You had a need and I wanted to fill it.  So I picked up HUD keys, printed detail reports, drove by neighborhoods to check them out for you and reported back to you diligently. 

For one reason or another, we were not able to meet face-to-face for 10 days or so.  But I continued my diligent work for you.  We spoke on the phone, texted back and forth, and stayed in touch .  All seemed well. 

Then yesterday I confirmed our appointment, gathered the documents and set out for our first F2F meeting.  I arrived at the property to see that another REALTOR® was there showing it to his client.  I said hello to them and waited for your arrival.  After 10 minutes I decided to call and make sure you were not lost.  I put two and two together when the other agent's client reached in her pocked for her ringing phone.

She was you! 

You were her! 

You looked over at me and asked, "oh, is that you calling me?"  Was that when it hit you that you had scheduled appointments with two agents at the same house, at the same time?  I've known two-timers before, but this was my first dealing with one with a faulty scheduling system.

I don't think my surprise showed on my face.  And my well chosen words were not rude, although after leaving, I thought about it and chastised myself for not giving you a good talking-to.  You needed to know what you did was wrong.  But that didn't matter to me at the time.

me after TTT's swift kick in the pantsWhat did matter was that your actions pushed me to making a realization which will serve me well in the future.  You were the straw that broke the camel's back.  I am no longer working with buyers who don't come to my office for our consultation and sign the buyer brokerage agreement.  No ifs, ands, or buts. 

Please continue on your merry way and know that our brief encounter fared me well.  And the next buyer who calls me will know all the wonderful things he'll be gaining by working with me exclusively.  Because I will make sure I tell him.

Yours truly,

No longer your agent.


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